In newborn photography, in order to create a perfect photo album of the infant, the very first step is that you need to have in mind some photo ideas since newborns don’t follow commands. And this is something we can help you with.

Whether you are a professional or amateur newborn photographer, or parents planning for a DIY newborn photoshoot, these photo ideas will inspire you.

And for parents who are having a photographer do the shooting session, you can utilize and incorporate these ideas too!

In this article, we have compiled creative, unique newborn photo ideas for baby boy and baby girl, for individual shoots and those involving parents and siblings, and around seasons and holidays.

Intrigued yet? Let’s go!

Newborn Boy Photo Ideas

You want to stage a few precious moments by designing a beautiful setup indoors. In this section, you can choose from several newborn photography ideas for your baby boy.

1. Sports

Like father, like son. Your son may grow up to watch the NFL with his dad or even join a sports team at school. With most boys into sports, why don’t you create a sports theme? You can create a football or basketball theme. Make him wear a cute little football hat. 

2. Star Wars

Introduce them to Star Wars. Dress your son up as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader to create a Star Wars-themed picture. You can put stuff toys from the movie next to him and a small lightsaber. For a more humorous take on this theme, make him into a baby Chewbacca. 

3. With Dog

Your dog is your first child. You want your baby to become best friends with them. You can come up with several newborn photo ideas with dogs. If you have a puppy, your puppy and son will grow alongside each other. The pictures will showcase the start of their budding friendship.

4. With Teddy Bear

Take a picture of your baby boy wearing a cute little hat with ears on them. You can base the photo’s theme on a famous cartoon bear character. Make him wear yellow and put a pot of honey next to him. You’ll find several newborn photo ideas in this category. 

5. Bookworm

If you love books, the bookworm theme will appeal to you. You can create a bookworm theme around your favorite storybooks. For instance, you can choose a Harry Potter theme or a Cat in the Hat theme. When it comes to books, there are endless possibilities to how you can stage it.

6. Milk Crate

All you need for this theme is a milk crate, milk bottles, some creativity, and your little boy. An infant can easily fit into a milk crate. Stuff it with blankets, wool, or pillows to make it comfortable for your infant. You can paint the entire crate or just draw on it. 

7. Superhero

Your son has joined the superhero league. Show him flying above the sky, beating baddies left and right. Put your son in a red cape or any superhero outfit. You can make him into any masked crusader from the DC or Marvel universe. Watch your son saving the city or the world. 

8. Military

Are you a military veteran, or are you currently serving? You can select from numerous newborn military photo ideas to create a patriotic moment. Have your son hold your badge and put him down on your clothes. For moms who lost their brave husbands, this is a great way to remember them.

9. Firefighter

Firefighters put our lives before theirs. If your husband is a firefighter or a fallen warrior, stage a firefighter photoshoot. Your little boy can pose on the hat sitting on the costumer with the dad’s name in the front. You can even place red fire trucks around him.

10. Hunting

Do you want to take your son on hunting adventures when he grows older? If so, introduce him to it now. You can put antlers or branches that look like antlers before him and a brown blanket over him. You can even take the photoshoot outdoors into the woodsy area.

baby boy photo ideas - hunting
Source: Jenelle Morrow Photography

11. Fishing

Whether you like to fish or not, you know it’s a cute idea. Imagine your child posing from inside the bucket, wearing an equally adorable hat. If you have a boat dock, you can stage the pictures there as well or even in a barn. 

baby boy photo ideas - fishing
Source: Amanda Diefenbach Photography

Newborn Girl Photo Ideas

Your baby girl is the apple of your eye, and her sweet smile just lights up the room. Capture those moments with these creative and unique newborn photoshoot ideas for baby girls.

1. Pearls

Pearls are delicate like your baby girl. You can put a light pink colored pearl necklace on her and place them on a purple carpet. Put a cute pink hat with a bow on her to complete the look.

2. Flower Pot

Your little flower girl makes your heart skip a beat when she smiles. Transform her into a flower princess by putting her in a pot with flowers around her. Don’t forget her flower hat. You can even take the photoshoot out into a flower field.

newborn photo ideas for baby girls - with flower pots
Source: Vine Images Inc Julie Johnson Photography

3. Rainbow

She’s your pot of gold at the other side of the rainbow. Use a cloth to create the rainbow colors and a pillow that resembles a cloud. If you want, you can dress her up in rainbow colors or simply have a rainbow background.

4. Crown

For you, your little girl is no less than a princess. You can choose a beautiful gown for her to wear. Most importantly, don’t forget her tiara! You can create a miniature thrown as well, using her bouncer. Still, the princess will need kisses to wake up.

5. Strawberry

Do you remember Strawberry Shortcake? She was a popular cartoon character, and this theme reminds us of her. So innocent and delicious!

Source: Svitlana Vronska

6. Mermaid

If you’re going with a mermaid theme, you’ll find several newborn photo ideas related to it. You can make her wear a mermaid’s tail with a cute headband and put her next to a ship and seashells like this one.

7. Disney

Disney ideas for photoshoots are many, but you need to choose a Disney princess first. You can go with Snow White and place an apple next to her. If you want to dress her up as a Disney villain, go head! She’ll be the cutest and most harmless Disney villain, though.

8. Guitar

Are you a musician, play the guitar, or it’s just your love for music that has made you a fan of this musical theme? Either way, this newborn photo idea will suit you and your baby girl. You don’t have to use a guitar for this newborn photoshoot but can use any musical instrument. Besides, you can create a black and white photo for intensity, yet subtleness.

9. Watermelon

The watermelon newborn photo idea is simple and cute. All you need is a watermelon slice to create it. The watermelon slice looks like a dress, which why this fruit wins. You can be innovative and think of other fruits you can use creatively for the photoshoot.

newborn photo ideas for baby girls - watermelon
Source: Pinterest

Newborn Family Photo Ideas

Newborn photos are not only individual shots. But they should also involve other family members: mom, dad, grandparents and older siblings. Here are the some lovely newborn family photo ideas with parents and close family members (pets included).

1. With Mom

Where do babies find the most peace? In their mother’s arms. Take a black and white picture with you holding your sleeping baby. Arrange the photo session when it’s time for your little nugget to cuddle up to you and then capture your baby’s serene expression on camera.

mommy love..

2. With Dad

Dads enjoy throwing their baby up in the air and catching them. Capturing that moment is difficult, but you can through a picture. You can pose the child flying in the air as the dad waits to catch them. It’ll be an awesome picture to create.

newborn photo ideas with dad
Source: BorePanda

3. With Grandparents

Grandparents play an important role in a baby’s life. They dote on their grandchild, spoiling them with love and care. Call the grandparents over for a photoshoot and brainstorm a few newborn photo ideas with grandparents together.

Beautiful Baby Photography

4. Newborn Photo Ideas with Siblings

Pictures with the big brother or sister with the newest and smallest member of the family will help them become closer. It’ll strengthen the sibling bond and will not make your elder child feel left out. Include them in the photoshoot by making them a part of it.

newborn photo ideas with siblings
Source: 100LayerCake

5. Newborn Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle images are less posing and more natural and lively pictures of the little bundle of joy in their surroundings. You should always be ready with a camera to take lifestyle photos. For example, when the mother is feeding her infant or the parents are playing with the baby, you can click away.

lifestyle newborn photo ideas with family
Source: 100LayerCake

Newborn Twin Photo Ideas

If you have been blessed with twins, triplets, or more, there are various newborn photo ideas you can use to capture them. You can place them in a basket and take a picture as they hug each other. When it comes to twins, you can be inventive and creative.

Newborn Twin Photo Ideas
Source: Little Pose Photography

Seasonal Newborn Photography

Seasonal newborn photography is fun to create due to the various elements you can use in the photo that reminds you of that season. We’ll share with you a few incredible seasonal newborn photo ideas for your next photoshoots.

1. Spring

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons. Flowers bloom, and animals come out to play. You can adorn your baby in flowers, choosing floral photography backdrops to set the mood. You can even create a flowerbed in the shape of a heart using red and pink flowers.

2. Fall

Fall is a beautiful season with reddish-orange leaves falling off trees. We have a lot to be thankful for in fall due to Thanksgiving. It’s also the season of Halloween where the ghosts and monsters come out. You can choose one of the fall themes using pumpkins for a picture.

Newborn Photo Ideas - Fall
Source: Heather Blair Photography

3. Winter

Winter is a magical time. If you look forward to the first snowfall of the winter each year, you can create a winter wonderland for your baby. You can use white fairy lights to resemble snow and put your baby in a wooden box with a fluffy blanket.

Newborn Photo Ideas - winter
Source: Pinterest

4. Christmas

Is Christmas your favorite holiday season? Parents with newborns born around Christmas time can create a Christmas theme using ornaments, a basket, and a red and white winter hat. You can even dress your newborn in an elf costume.

5. Valentine’s Day

Turn your child into cupid because your baby brought you two even closer to each other. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and for you, that’s your child. Pose them with the letters “LOVE,” pose them with chocolate, or have them be the “O” in love.

newborn photo ideas - valentine's day
Source: Jonie Jones Photography

6. Easter

You can come with several newborn Easter photo ideas. This is an easy theme to create. You just need Easter eggs. Some ideas at the top of our head include putting them in a basket with Easter eggs or dressing them up as an Easter bunny.

Newborn Photo Ideas - Easter
Source: Amy Pitre Photography

Hospital Newborn Photography

Hospital newborn photography is for parents who want to record and document the first few days of their baby’s life. New parents can hire photographers offering the fresh 48 sessions. The photographer will meet you at the hospital to capture your baby’s first day out of the womb.

Read More: Everything You Need To Know About Fresh 48 Session

You can use one or more of these newborn photo ideas to take pictures of the infant. And for each idea, you can incorporate different poses to create dozens of photos. Discuss thoroughly which ideas your client prefers and is comfortable with. And the result is a newborn photo album that holds the newborn’s moments forever.

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