We’re sure you want your little one’s first shots to be anything but bland. Lucky for you, there are endless possibilities to make newborn photography extremely unique. You can always resort to different outfits and decorations. However, if you want to make a bigger statement, newborn photography props are the way to go.

You don’t have to go overboard at the beginning. Most options can be easily handmade, and the best part is that they’re safe for babies!

Here are the trendiest ideas recommended by photographers to kick your family and friends’ socks off. Let’s get the shoot started! 

1. Baby Wraps

Never underestimate the power of a good old baby wrap. This underrated newborn photography prop is rather cheap, and it can be very versatile and extremely flexible. It can come in handy if you need to quickly cover any last-minute rash or skin discolorations.

Long and stretchy baby wraps are an excellent idea for adding a pop of color and texture to your shoot. Keep your infant snuggled up and cozy while you try some of the classic newborn poses. Comfy shawls are essential for the Huck Finn, the taco pose, or tucking in your baby in a simple swaddle.

If you want a more minimalistic approach to your newborn pics, find a soft baby-friendly fabric, and snap away. 

2. Blankets and Rugs

infant photography prop: merino wool blanket
Source: Etsy

If you’re afraid your baby snapshots will come out a little plain, try adding some background texture. Infuse your pics with a hint of extra color. Use some interesting blankets and rugs to make each image a lot more vibrant.

These types of covers are extremely helpful in preventing your newborn’s delicate skin from touching cold and harsh surfaces. They are cheap newborn photography props that have proven to be quite practical. Who would’ve thought that a simple piece of fabric could tie a whole picture together?

Increase the visual appeal of your images by using a thick sheet with a contrasting print or a wool flotaki. Always look for something at least 20 inches square

3. Hats and Headbands

newborn photography props: matching headwear and diaper cover

People constantly asking if your baby is a boy or a girl is nerve-racking, to say the least. Bows and headbands are an obvious remark that you have a beautiful baby girl. On the other side, knitted hats let the world know you just welcomed a little boy.

Match and contrast these baby photography props with the background and the overall scene. Head accessories are great for adding variety to the same pose. You can switch them without waking up your newborn.

A pro tip is to pick hats and headbands that are proportional to your baby’s size. If you want to get creative, show off your DIY skills, and make your own. 

4. Diaper Covers

Some parents like photographing their newborns in diapers. It’s always a cute idea, but adding diaper covers to the mix can make it even better. They come in all shapes and colors.

You can customize them with ruffles, feathers, crochet, and different patterns. The sky is the limit when it comes to diaper cover designs.

For example, you can get some pink ruffle bloomers for girls, and match them with a unique bow or a headband. For boys, you can pick the traditional blue covers, or go for something edgier like camouflage.

These baby photography props are extremely popular and very easy to find or to DIY. Like blankets, rugs, and wraps, they will add some extra charm to your shoot. 

5. Neckties and Tutus

Finding clothing alternatives for your newborn’s photos can be tricky. Some pieces might make your pictures look outdated over time. If you’re looking for newborn prop outfits, neckties and tutus are the best timeless options. They can be exceptionally cute in a baby shoot.

Tutus will add a delicate flair and will look adorable when paired with other baby girl accessories for photoshoots. If you’re photographing a boy, a necktie or a bowtie will add the sweetest touch.

Try matching them with your baby’s diaper cover to complete the look. Just keep in mind that these props need to fit your bundle of joy! 

6. Bowls, Boxes, Buckets or Baskets

newborn photography props: round woven basket

A very inexpensive and easy alternative for parents and amateur shutterbugs is using containers as newborn photography props.

Everybody loves a good baby basket photo. Bowls, boxes, and buckets are versatile and don’t require a lot of posing. These options help frame the baby and add depth to your pictures.

Try using boxes or baskets that aren’t too big but still are roomy enough to keep your baby comfortable. Pick a sturdy container for extra safety. Be careful with highly reflective surfaces to avoid unwanted glares.

It’s always an excellent idea to complement the shot with a blanket or wrap. A liner will protect your baby while adding a pop of color.  

7. Beds and Benches

Photography furniture props will add structure, dimension, and height to your newborn pics. Beds and benches are the go-to choices, but you can get creative and pick something else.

Furniture props can be wooden or metal, and there’s a huge variety of colors to pick from. Photographers commonly get custom made pieces, but doll beds and rustic decorative benches are other popular options. You can even find baby photo furniture props for sale on popular handcraft sites.

Just remember, safety goes first. Always make sure the surface is firm and sturdy before you put your newborn on it. Move around, explore all different angles, and you’re guaranteed to get some lovely snaps. 

8. Stork Sacks

newborn baby photography prop idea with stork sack
Source: BeautifulPhotoProps on Etsy

The stork just visited you. Why not photograph your freshly delivered baby while still wrapped up cozily in the bag, right? Stork sacks are storytelling infant photo props. They’re usually featured as a series rather than as individual snaps.

Depending on the hammock style and fabric type, they can give a unique look to your baby’s pics. This traditional newborn photography props idea is commonly used in studio baby photography. However, you can achieve the same results at home with some patience.

Although ridiculously cute, stork sacks can be tricky to set up, so proceed with caution. Always pay thorough attention to safety.  

9. Cute Stuffed Animals

newborn baby holding a teddy bear

Sometimes newborns need some company in their pics. Stuffed animals can join your baby in the photoshoot and instantly up the cuteness factor of any image. This is why they’re one of the favorite baby portrait props for parents and photographers alike.

You can never go wrong with plushy toys. They’re safe for infants and a great way of showing scale in photography. Your relatives and friends will be blown away by how tiny your baby looks next to these stuffed friends.

For the sentimental element, you can use the parent’s old childhood teddy bears, or gifts from beloved family members.  

10. Suitcase

baby photography idea with luggage/suitcase
Source: Fineline

Just like newborn basket pictures, suitcase photography is getting insanely popular. It’s another unique way to show how tiny and cute your newborn is.

The baby can either go inside an open suitcase or on top of a closed one. If you’re doing a whole travel and lifestyle theme, consider incorporating more luggage.

Other newborn photography props to pair with this idea are globes, books, maps, and passports. This alternative is especially attractive for the nomad parents out there, reflecting the family’s personality.

A very useful tip is to make sure the suitcase is clean before you begin. Always add a pillow or a blanket inside to make it more comfortable.  

11. Flowers

If you’re looking for a traditional approach to newborn girl photo props, flowers are the way to go. They’re a simple and inexpensive idea that will add a feminine touch to any picture.

Flowers will make your baby girl’s photos look effortless yet put together. For amazing results, mix-match different types. You can use dried flowers or a fresh bouquet. Add in some leaves and twigs for a more natural look.

Another beautiful option is to work only with petals and buds to form shapes around your little princess. You can also use flowers as a buffer on your crates, buckets, or baskets for newborn photography. 

12. Movie Inspired Props

harry potter themed baby photography idea
Source: Pinterest

Themed baby shoots can get extremely creative. Some parents are big-time Potterheads, love Back to the Future, or have an obsession with Star Wars. It doesn’t matter what your favorite film is as a couple. You can use it to create a unique and memorable newborn photoshoot.

Movie connected props are very easy to get online, but in most cases you can get creative and make them yourself. Just have fun. You can also get inspiration from TV characters or famous books. A personalized photo session will allow you and your spouse to include elements that will maybe begin new family traditions.  

13. Seasonal Props

Need some more inspiration? You can also use the time of the year when your baby was born. Seasonal props are extremely helpful, especially if you gave birth on a popular holiday.

The best part is that you probably have these accessories sitting somewhere in your home already. If not, you can always get crafty and create something unique. Mix them with other newborn photography props to achieve more colorful images.

Great examples of seasonal props are tulips in the spring and beach elements during summer. You can go with pumpkins and apples in the fall, and Christmas decorations in the winter.  

14. Props Inspired by the Parents

Give a more unique angle to your newborn photography session. As we mentioned before, a custom-made photoshoot will be a lot more significant and special. What do you like doing together? Get ideas from your hobbies, favorite music, sports, or careers.

For example, if you and your spouse are into baseball, imagine your baby in your team’s uniform. If daddy is a firefighter or mom is a nurse, your little one can pretend to be one!

What about using a family heirloom? Personalize your newborn photography props and start creating family memories for a lifetime. Just make sure you don’t use sharp or tiny objects, and you’re good to go.  


DIY newborn photography is easy. All you really need is some creativity and inspiration. When in doubt, take a look at these ideas we gathered for you.

We hope this guide on newborn photography props managed to spark your imagination. Use these tips to take adorable baby pics you’ll proudly share with your loved ones!

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