A baby is only small for so long. Parents know how fast this time can move, which is why most tend to take endless photos of their little ones. If you recently welcomed a new addition into your family, you might be curious about newborn poses and the safest way to take a spectacular shot of your precious child. DIY photos for a little boy or girl are quite common these days, especially since everyone has access to a good camera on their phone.

And if you are a newborn photographer (either professional or a newcomer to newborn photography), you can combine these poses and tips with the photo ideas for your next newborn photoshoots.

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Safety in Posing Newborns

Before jumping into the different poses you can explore with your baby boy or girl, you want to think about safety precautions. Even though you will be present with your child as you go about setting the scene and taking the pictures, you still need to think about how to pose newborns without jeopardizing the safety of the little one. There are many easy and safe newborn photography poses a beginner can try, but first you need to follow these general rules.

1. Don’t Leave the Baby Unattended

This should go without saying, but a newborn should never be left unattended. Depending on when the child was born, he or she might not be capable of much more than crying, eating, and sleeping. Walking out of the room to grab an extra prop after posing your baby is an easy way to encourage disaster. If you’re taking pictures with your significant other or another adult you trust, then one of you should always be focused on the child’s safety.

2. Immune System Concerns

A controlled environment is essential when it comes to working with a newborn. It takes a while for a baby’s immune system to develop fully. This means that you don’t want to expose your little one to any foreign agents. If you hired a photographer to help with the shoot and you discover he or she has been under the weather recently, reschedule for a later date. Be sure to sanitize the environment before the shoot, especially if you’ll be placing the baby on or inside any props.

3. Use Safe Props

Props are par for the course when it comes to pictures of babies. While there’s nothing wrong with exploring newborn poses and props that transform your little one into a tiny pumpkin or Yoda from “Star Wars,” you want to keep safety a priority with any items you use. Avoid dangerous materials like glass, as a broken prop can be an extreme hazard for the safety of your baby. If you are considering any props like baskets or swings, be sure that the piece can support the weight of your baby. Test the durability and endurance of the item to guarantee it won’t give out while your child is inside.

4. Don’t Interfere With the Baby’s Circulatory System

A newborn spends the first few days of his or her life adjusting to life outside the womb. The developing circulatory system of your baby, for example, gets into the habit of pumping blood to the extremities within a few hours of the child’s birth. Often, a baby will have hues of blue in his or her limbs as the blood begins to enter these corners of the body. When exploring poses for your shoot, be sure to not use any that will inhibit or cause harm to the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Basic Newborn Photography Poses

Now that you’ve had a refresher on basic safety tips, it is time to start thinking about different newborn poses. There are plenty of easy ideas you can explore to find the ideal look for your pics. Whether you opt for a creative take on photos for twins or you do some straightforward newborn boy photos with your baby photo posing, these ideas will help to get your wheels turning.

1. The “Chin on Hands” Pose

Perhaps one of the most classic poses available for a newborn, the chin-on-hands pose is a fantastic option when you want to make life easy on everyone involved. There isn’t much involved with baby posing a girl or boy in this way. The hands pose is newborn posing that can be done in a fast and efficient way without much of a fuss.

newborn poses - chin on hands
Source: graphicsexpertsindia.com

2. Swaddled Newborn Pose

Swaddling a baby is important in the child’s earliest days. You can easily work this timeless newborn pose into your photos by selecting a swaddling fabric with significance. Whether the pattern calls to mind a particular aesthetic or you use a blanket sewn by your own grandmother, this is a simple and easy newborn pose that you can play around with.

newborn photography poses - swaddled

3. Little Frog Pose

Cute baby photography is easy to achieve when you select the right newborn pose for your little girl. One DIY option to think about is the little frog. This pose is all about making your tiny treasure into an adorable little frog with a few easy moves.

little frog

4. Fallen Froggy Pose

Another easy pose to consider is the fallen froggy pose. In fact, you can work this position into the standard frog position without much effort. The restful position and a few clever angles will make this into a dreamy image that will fully showcase how captivating your precious child truly

newborn poses - Fallen Froggy Pose
Source: myclickmagazine.com

5. Tucked-In Pose

All you need in order to accomplish the “tucked-in” pose for your photos is a blanket. With your child safely laying in a comfortable position, place a very light blanket over his or her body, just below the next. Shooting from above, you can create the impression that your little one is tucked into bed. Add some stuffed animals to the mix for extra levels of cuteness.

Tucked-In Pose
Source: biancahubblephotography.com

6. Tushy Up Newborn Pose

Babies fall asleep in all kinds of funny positions. One classic pose that a child falls into on his or her own is the “tushy up” position. With his or her face down and behind poking into the air, this is an adorable and silly way to make loved ones smile with your pictures.

newborn poses - Tushy Up
Source: Pinterest

7. Taco Pose

Your baby isn’t likely to give you much fuss when it comes to creating a cozy photoshoot environment. The taco position is one of the newborn poses meant to mimic the idea of the womb, creating a warm nook of blankets for the baby to be tucked into. Your little one gets to enjoy the comfortable cocoon and you get to photograph your baby as a tiny taco!

taco pose
Source: newbornposing.com

8. Laying & Curling Pose

Sometimes, the perfect pose for a baby is one where you don’t need to do anything but place him or her down. Whether you’re taking pics of a little boy or girl, laying and curling positions are a classic way to make your baby look wonderful without going to extremes or being too elaborate in your approach.

newborn pose - Laying & Curling
Source: lightroompresets.com

9. Back Pose Newborn Pose

The back pose is another natural and easy baby photo posing option to think about for your little boy. You’ll want to take this picture from above to maximize how adorable it is, but be cautious with lighting. A flash is a bad idea for such a close range, as your child’s eyes are still very sensitive at this point of development.

back pose
Source: Pinterest

10. Tummy Newborn Poses

Opposite of the back pose is the tummy pose! With your baby on his or her stomach, you have all sorts of options in front of you to play around with different angles or creative ideas. Stay mindful of your child’s head and neck in this position, as proper support is a must. As long as your baby’s muscles are relaxed, the position can be held for a moment. There are a few variations on this pose to toy around with:

+  Top Down

newborn poses - top down pose
Source: slrlounge.com

+ Front Side Portrait Tummy Pose

The “front-side portrait” pose is similar to the top-down position, with a slight variation. Instead of taking the picture from a side angle, you’ll want to shoot directly from above the baby. This gives you a wider range to work with and more room to play with creative ideas.

Front Side Portrait Tummy Pose
Source: slrlounge.com

Family Photos with Newborns

Taking a group picture is also a fun way to go about your photos. Family photos with newborns make for a great way to introduce the world to the entirety of your family. Newborn photography with parents can definitely include siblings. Bring brother and sister into the mix and get creative with the fun ways you capture your family’s memories. Use these ideas to get started and find the perfect poses for your crew.

1. Facing Each Other

Since the highlight of your picture is the new addition to the family, try to wok with a position where the baby is the center of attention. One way to achieve this is by having members of the family on opposite sides of the centered baby, with everyone facing inward. This helps to perfectly frame the newborn with the smiling faces of the rest of the family. 

newborn poses - Facing Each Other
Source: fixthephoto.com

2. Looking at the Camera

Another great way to go about family portraits with newborns is by going the straightforward route of having everyone simply look at the camera. When you have a big group to photograph and need easy poses ideas that work for a baby boy or girl, siblings, and parents, this easy picture option is a lifesaver. Getting everyone to smile at the same time, on the other hand, is another challenge entirely.

looking at the camera - newborn baby with perents
Source: pro.goodshuffle.com

3. The Cradle Hold

A newborn child is a cherished thing. This is why one of the most popular options when it comes to newborn poses is the cradle hold. With this position, the parents hold the child in a cradling manner, symbolically presenting the child to the world and providing the support the little one will need to succeed in life. This photo offers a chance to bring everyone in close for a tight portrait that showcases true love and devotion.

Cradle Hold pose with baby

4. Keep the Heads Close

Bringing a newborn in for a tight hug feels natural. If you want to capture this position in your photographs, consider a close-up where members of the family gentle rest their heads against the tiny head of the newborn baby. This is an intimate way to show the tender bond between a child and the family he or she has been born into. 

newborn poses - Keep the Heads Close
Source: shootproof.com

5. Newborn Pictures with Siblings

Getting a picture of the newborn with his or her siblings is another shot you don’t want to miss. However, a younger child needs to be supervised if the parents are not going to be in the photo as well. Be sure your children know not to be rough with their newborn sibling in order to ensure a safe environment and a perfect picture of your kids.

Newborn Pictures with Siblings
Source: themilkyway.ca

6. Lifestyle Newborn Poses

Newborn poses don’t always need to feel planned. In fact, lifestyle photos are gaining in popularity in recent years. Take nice pictures of members of the family going through daily rituals. Whether you grab a shot of everyone eating together at the table or hanging around in bed on a lazy Sunday, you can capture the essence of your family perfectly with this option.

Lifestyle poses baby with parent
Source: Pinterest

Newborn Poses Cheat Sheet

There’s a lot to remember when it comes to newborn photo poses. Whether you’re trying to work with an infant, a handful of siblings, or a single baby, a point of reference can be a lifesaver. Consider these tips and tricks for how to pose newborns and find all the answers you need in a snap.

newborn photography cheetsheet

The birth of a child is a milestone that you will want to remember forever. Taking photos is the best way to preserve these moments as best you can. In order to get the best possible results from your efforts, take time to research different newborn poses. Stay aware of safety precautions at all times and discover some wonderful and creative ways to capture the birth of the newest member of your family.

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