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Interested in renting a photo booth for a wedding w or DIY one of your own? This post is filled with simple photo booth suggestions on how to allow people to take an image and capture those unique moments. A photo booth is an interesting way for the happy couple to capture the moments they might have otherwise missed. It’s great to treat guests to a photo booth and encourage them to create stunning images. 

18. DIY Curtain Photobooth

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If you are on a budget and don’t want to rent an expensive and bulky photo booth so that your guests and the happy couple capture those special moments, put together an easy booth idea with a few simple materials. Create a simple DIY wedding photobooth with a camera setup and curtain or large piece of cloth backdrop that matches the theme of the wedding. Get creative and add some lighting, balloons, flowers, or shiny stars to compliment the fabric backdrop.

17. DIY iPad/Tablet Selfie Station

Get creative with a DIY photo booth wedding setup using an iPad, a tripod, fun filters for a personal touch, and fun photo props. Creating a selfie station with a tablet and Bluetooth selfie stick makes it easily portable and able to capture hundreds of guests in front of various fun, decorative backdrops. The bride and groom will enjoy reviewing all of the funny, behind-the-scenes images after the wedding and be able to put together a unique album of guests’ silly selfies from the night of the reception.   

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16. Twinkle lights

Creating a beautiful, twinkle light photo booth station is as easy as getting together a few materials. When it comes to wedding photo booth ideas, you have to make sure that you have great lighting so you can actually see your guests in the photos and they don’t just turn out to be dark shadows. Even if you are having an elegant, outdoor wedding, you should ensure that you have lighting for the DIY photo booth station that is pointed towards the guests and in front of the camera for crystal clear images. 


15. Photo Booth Guestbook

Creating a photo booth guestbook is a simple and yet very popular option that only requires you provide guests with an instant camera (or two) and enough film to last through the night. Using instant pictures is a great wedding photo booth idea that guests can either take home as souvenirs or write sentimental messages on and leave for the bride and groom. Encourage guests to take quick shots of themselves, other guests, and even the happy couple to share in a keepsake guest book.  

photo guests book
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14. Hanging Props from Trees

If you are searching for a lovely and unique rustic themed photo booth for your wedding, consider hanging props from surrounding trees to create a stunning, natural background. Create a personal setting with handmade props to fit the wedding theme or purchase other rustic themed items to place around the photo booth area for guests to use and pose and take pictures with. A popular idea is to hang various, large frames from the branches of the tree for guests to take photos behind.  

Hanging Props from Trees

13. Nautical wedding photo  Booth Props

If your wedding is nautical themed, they why not include some related props for your photo booth ideas for wedding guests to use while snapping fun pics. Nautical themed photo booth props can include such items as a captain’s hat, real lifesaver (and candy lifesavers for good measure), and a ship wheel. While this theme might take a little more advanced planning to find the proper items for props, those priceless photos that your guests take will be worth it. 

wedding photobooth:Nautical wedding photo  Booth Props

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12. Retro Van Photobooth

If your wedding has a cool vintage vibe, then make sure that your photo booth is just as retro. If you are up for a rental photo booth for wedding guests, then consider renting a retro van wedding photo booth for a fun outdoor wedding prop. A great idea if the wedding venue doesn’t have a lot of interesting photo backdrop opportunities where the inside is a traditional photo booth and the exterior makes a fun backdrop. 

wedding photo booths ideas:Retro Van Photobooth

11. Themed Photo Booth Scenery

If you are looking to put together a DIY photo booth to match the theme of your wedding, then consider including some fun and theme specific photo props. You can either choose a room inside of the venue or a small space outside and decorate it according to your wedding theme. For example, a 50’s theme could include a Cadillac while a fiesta theme would include a bold and brightly colored wedding photo booth backdrop. 

diy wedding photo booth:Themed Photo Booth Scenery

10. Cloth Backdrops

Cloth backdrops are a simple photo booth idea that you can easily put together DIY style for your wedding that guests will enjoy using to take pictures. You can get really creative with this idea and set up a cloth backdrop with a few strings of lights for a custom DIY photo backdrop for any type of themed reception. Go simple with just some cloth and lighting for a rustic themed wedding or add some bling for a glamorous wedding theme. 

9. Big Chalkboard Sign Backdrop

Creating a big chalkboard sign is a simple and unique way to make a wedding photo booth backdrop that will add some texture to the images that guests capture. The design can be anything that will fit your wedding theme, either simple and minimalist or dressed up and over the top, a great idea for an indoor wedding. The funnest part about a chalkboard backdrop is that guests can write their own messages to the happy couple to include in their images.    

diy wedding photo booth:Big Chalkboard Sign Backdrop

8. Gold Photo Booth Backdrop

Create a stunning and elegant photo booth for your wedding backdrop, worthy of gracing all of your guests’ social media feeds. Start with a simple and cost-effective white or ivory background and create a classy photo booth by painting a pattern or your initials in gold paint. This idea works well for a glamorous indoor wedding as well as a high end outdoor wedding.

photobooth for wedding: Gold Photo Booth Backdrop

7. Wedding Photo Props

Of course photo booth ideas for weddings should include some awesome and funny props for guests to use in their pictures. When including props in a photo booth for your wedding, it will encourage guests to get a little silly with things like feather boas, oversized hats, and wedding themed 2-D bouquets, bottles of champagne, bowties, and mustaches. The bride and groom will have a wonderful time going through all of the silly pictures after the wedding. 

 Wedding Photo Props

6. Speech Bubbles

Create an elegant and fun wedding photo booth idea by adding speech bubbles that guests can write their own messages on. You can easily create fun speech bubbles using cardboard or thick cardstock and include prewritten, wedding themed messages on there, like “Mr. & Mrs.” and “XOXO.” Wedding guests will have a blast writing out their own funny and sentimental messages to the bride and groom on the speech bubbles. 

photo booth for weddings:Speech Bubbles

5. Full of age

From Mickey Mouse ears to superhero costumes, why not include some props that will have guests going back in time to their favorite childhood memories? They will enjoy playing a bit of dress-up with the best photo booth for wedding guests, no matter how old they are. This type of wedding photo booth works well when pulling together a bunch of random props, just watch how creative guests can get! 

Full of age

4. Wedding Hashtag

Creating an Instagram wedding hashtag is a fun and simple way to create a DIY wedding photo booth without having to have a physical booth and the perfect compliment for modern weddings. Simply set up a hashtag that people can tag images they take at the wedding and reception which will then appear on Instagram for all guests to see in real time. At the reception, you can easily set up a laptop or some other kind of way to show guests the image slideshow as they are taken and easily save to their phones. 

wedding photobooth ideas:Wedding Hashtag

3.  Classic Photo Booth

If you would like to include some nostalgia at your wedding, opt for a classic photo booth for guests. With a classic, indoor photo booth, everyone knows what they are and it provides everyone with a clear idea that guests can use it at their leisure. You can also get creative and include a basket of props for guests to use when they are snapping images, just make sure they aren’t too big to fit into the photo booth

 Classic Photo Booth

2. Stand-Up Board

Stand-Up Board:fun stand in photo prop

Creating a fun stand in photo prop is a great way to make guests laugh and capture funny and unforgettable moments at the wedding reception. The stand up board can be painted with any type of creative design, such as a caricature bride and groom or silly animals and often includes face holes for guests to peek their heads through. While having one is a great idea, why not include several around an outdoor reception for guests to use, they are sure to be a big hit! 

1. Faux Framed Wall

While this idea might take a little more handy work, a faux wall makes a great wedding photo booth frame backdrop for guests to use. Create something that is a similar theme to the wedding and include things like chairs or a couch and other humorous elements, such as oversized flowers. If at all possible, create a unique faux frame wall by cutting out the part of the wall that is framed so guests can poke their heads through and create interesting images.  

photo booth ideas for wedding: Faux Framed Wall

Make sure to capture all of those funny and unique moments at your reception with a wedding photo booth. From simple selfie setups to a traditional and nostalgic photo booth. Your guests are sure to get a kick out of whatever photo booth idea you choose to have at your wedding.  

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