The wedding photos will be the keepsake left after the wedding has come and gone. This is one day of your life that you’ll never forget. The pictures that you capture on your big day will preserve the memories for you, your children, and generations to come. The wedding photo ideas list should be prepared well in advance, ensuring that you capture all the significant moments of the day.

No matter the style of the wedding, there are those must-have photos at every wedding. Whether you’re a beginner photographer looking for wedding photography tips for your clients or a happy couple developing your wedding shots checklist, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some wedding photo ideas that you must consider:

1. Bride’s Portrait

The bride’s portrait is definitely one of the most important wedding photos. The shot can focus on the face only, half body, or even full body. You can also capture snippets of the hairdo, makeup, bouquet, and even the dress. 

2. The Bouquet

colorful wedding bouquet
Source: Ruffled

The bridal bouquet, as well as those of the bridesmaids, offer interesting wedding day pictures. You can have close up shots with the flowers held. You can also shoot them together with other accessories such as rings, shoes, and jewelry. Ensure that the floral details are captured in all their glory. 

3. Wedding Invitations

Save a few printed invitations for the photoshoot. These beautiful wedding photos capture the stylish fonts, elegant paper, theme-color undertones, and so on. The wedding photo can include other stationery such as the program. The entire stationery suite forms a superb collage shot.

4. Wedding Shoes

photo of wedding shoes
Source: Ruffled

Every bride takes time to select exquisite wedding shoes. Yet, for the better part of the day, they’re buried under the wedding gown. They’re often overlooked and rarely a part of classic wedding photographs lists. Still, this shot is well deserved. Capture all those chic details for memory’s sake.

5. The Veil

wedding photo idea with veil
Source: WeddingWire

This classic wedding picture offers plenty of possibilities. The longer the veil, the more wedding photo ideas you can come up with.

You can capture the veil trailing the bride when walking down the aisle, or covering the bride and groom as they kiss. You can take some lovely bridal shots with the veil blowing gloriously in the wind.

Whichever style you choose, the sheer lace is bound to give you some amazing wedding photos.

6. Getting Ready

This is another prominent shot on many wedding photo idea lists. It applies to the bride as well as the groom. It captures the process of dressing up, makeup, and hairdo. Here you have close up shots of the various aspects of grooming, such as the buttoning of the bride’s dress or tying of the groom’s tie.

7. View from Upstairs

Here the photographer takes a group shot from an elevated spot. Besides the guest book, this wedding day picture gives you an account of the guests that honored your invitation. You can also capture details like the venue layout from this overhead shot.

8. The Groom

The bride usually receives most of the attention. The groom should not be left behind either; it’s his big day as well. The portrait should capture his bespoke wedding suit and accessories in that confident man-of-the-moment GQ-style pose.

9. Reading Letters

Those handwritten letters that you’ve exchanged over the years also make it into the wedding shot list. You can lay them out into a collage accessorized with small items like rings, cufflinks, and flower petals for an epic shot. You can have cute wedding pictures of bride and groom reading the letters.

10. Walking to the Altar

Is there a wedding scene more breathtaking than a bride walking down the aisle? This is easily one of the most treasured bridal pictures. There are so many details you can capture here. The gown, bouquet, aisle décor, and even the emotions on her face, the image is priceless.

11. Mother & Daughter

a photo of the bride and her mother
Source: Ruffled

The look on a mother’s face as her daughter transforms into a bride is one of the essential wedding photos. She can even step in and help her get ready. She can button her gown, help with the jewelry, or fix her veil. And that last embrace before her baby girl walks down the aisle is simply priceless.

12. In Front of Large Window

If you have access to a large window, this shot should be part of your wedding picture list. The window brings in plenty of natural light, which gives the photos a unique glow compared to those taken with a camera flash.

Picture a bridal portrait with the wedding gown bathed in natural light and the train flowing behind. The rays filtering through the lace make the dress even whiter. Simply stunning.

13. Close-Up View

Here you capture the bride all dolled up for the big day. This wedding pic captures details such as makeup, hairdo, veil, jewelry, and the happy bride’s emotions. This is one of those wedding day images that are later framed and displayed in the newlyweds’ house. 

14. Father-Daughter First Look

This is one of the most emotional wedding shots ideas. There’s a lot to capture as dad sees his not-so-little girl in her wedding gown, ready to leave and start a life of her own. The father is proud yet a bit sad, and the mix of emotions makes for an interesting photo. 

15. Wedding Altar

photo ideas wedding arch
Source: Ruffled

Other than forming a beautiful backdrop for the vows, the wedding arch or altar also makes for a lovely wedding day photo. Try to capture the arch before the ceremony, and again with the wedding couple. 

16. Candid Moments

The aim of these beautiful wedding images is to capture the raw sensations of the moment. There’s no posing involved here. It could be joy, sadness, anticipation, surprise. Look hard enough, and the facial expressions tell the whole story. 

17. Groom’s Boutonniere

This wedding picture is best taken in the morning when the flowers are still crisp. Remember, the jacket is also likely to come off at some point, so take the earliest chance to capture the boutonniere. 

18. The Gown

This is a must have in the wedding day photography checklist. Hang the gown on a picture window or against a colorful background. The light amplifies the whiteness, and the result is breathtaking. The gown will eventually be captured on the bride, but these unique wedding pictures capture precise details that you may otherwise miss. 

19. Adorable Kids

Don’t miss those dolled-up kids. Whether they’re flower girls/page boys or just guests, children’s purity and carelessness have a unique appeal. If you happen to catch a cute shot of their silly/goofy moments, even better.

20. Side by Side

Getting married means deciding to walk side-by-side through life, right? This concept presents an interesting wedding photo idea that you can explore.

You basically aim for a shot of the bride and groom walking side by side. You can take the shot from the front, back, side, or any other viable angle.

21. The Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

The kids pave the way for the bride of the day, often holding up the ‘Here comes the bride’ sign. Typically, the flower girl sprinkles the flower petals while the page boy carries the rings. These cute wedding photos will be interesting to look at when they’re older. 

22. Natural Landscapes

Do you have scenic landscapes surrounding the venue? This is especially the case for destination weddings. The environment forms a fascinating backdrop for the wedding photoshoots. Go for wide shots that capture the scenery – beaches, forests, mountains, and so on. 

23. The Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is a visual work of art that has a special place in the wedding photography shot list. This shot focuses on the whole cake layout, including the cake holder and related accessories. The more the tiers, the more creative wedding photos you can come up with. 

24. The First Look

A candid shot of the first look is a must-have wedding photo idea. Capture the priceless expression of the groom when seeing his woman in the glamorous gown with excitement, surprise, joy. The emotions are what make this idea truly unique.

25. Emotional Moments

sentimental wedding photo
Source: Ruffled

There are many sentimental moments at a wedding. It could be a mother embracing her daughter before she leaves for the wedding ceremony. Or a father’s first look of the bride. Or even the groom gazing at the bride walking down the aisle. You cannot afford to miss these gorgeous wedding photos.

26. The Bride and Her Besties

Some of the bride’s friends will not be on the bridal lineup, and they too should get their moment. Those fun wedding shots with the bride will be treasured portraits. Such candid shots are likely to be framed and displayed in prominent spots. 

27. Throwing the Bouquet

Who’s getting married next? Whoever catches the bouquet, we believe. That moment when the girls scramble for the bouquet should be on every wedding photographer’s checklist. And of course, the expression on the face of the winner. 

28. Generations

If you’re fortunate enough to have your parents and grandparents around, add a generational photo to your formal wedding portraits. This applies to both sides of the family. If they can pose with their spouses, even better. Posing beside generations of happily married couples can only be a good omen. 

29. The Groom & His Guys

You could be dealing with a conservative group who will pose for official wedding portraits. Or they could be a crazy squad that will get all silly, goofy, or even wild. Either way, the gentlemen must have a place on the wedding shots list. 

30. The Bride with Her Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids are almost as involved in planning the wedding as the bride. The bride and bridesmaid pictures are a celebration of friendship and the big day of one of their own. Girls love to pose, so you know you’ll get some interesting and fun wedding picture poses out of it.

31. The Rings

wedding rings in a woven holder

There are so many options for getting the rings into the wedding photo gallery. You can photograph them on their own, especially if they have exquisite details such as diamond stones. You can also have them snapped on the wedding invitation, gown, bouquet, or combined with any other relevant accessories.

32. The Furry Friend

Is your dog or cat on the wedding guest list? If so, there are plenty of creative wedding pictures that you can shoot with a pet. They can be the ring bearer or just sit with the guests. Either way, get a couple of snaps of the adorable chap. 

33. Exchanging Vows

exchanging vows wedding photo
Source: Ruffled

Whether you choose to recite the vows or read them from a script, this moment is priceless. The moment the newlyweds exchange vows is one of the great wedding photo ideas.

You can capture the emotions that accompany the promises of a life-long commitment. Some will smile and laugh, while for others, it’s a tear-filled moment. Either way, the vows shot should be on top of the list of pictures to take on your wedding day. 

34. The “I Do” Moment

If the wedding could be reduced to just one moment, this would be it. The rest are just accessories, really.

This has got to be one of the most important wedding photos to take. Capture the newlyweds gazing into each other’s eyes, reciting the vows, exchanging the rings. A snap of this moment will evoke wonderful memories in the future. 

35. The First Kiss

first kiss wedding photo
Photo by Wallace Araujo from Pexels

There are those conservative couples whose lips barely touch, while others go all out with this one. Whichever the case, any wedding photo album is incomplete without the ‘you may kiss the bride’ picture. 

36. Under the Sunset

You can never go wrong with sunset wedding photos. With the golden glow adorning the skyline and the rays shining through the clouds, these wedding shots are as beautiful as they can get. 

37. The Exit

That exit from the vows ceremony must feature in the wedding day picture list. Officially husband and wife, finally! The couple leads the way, and the guests follow, dancing on their way out. Make sure to capture the guests throwing confetti as the happy couple walks by. 

38. First Dance

first dance wedding photo ideas
Source: Ruffled

You better have practiced in advance for this one. With all eyes on you, you cannot afford to get any step wrong. The shot captures that intimate moment, probably gazing into each other’s eyes. Or just simply a candid shot of the couple having the best time of their life with some upbeat music. Such candid wedding photos ideas will bring back vivid memories in the future; you’ll almost hear the music play. 

39. Wedding Party

This is for the entire bridal party squad – the newlyweds, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and page boys. Come up with unique wedding picture poses for the team to make some wonderful memories.

40. Getaway Car

When all is said and done, the newlyweds should leave the venue in style. The getaway car is often vintage, and can be decorated with flowers or ribbons, and topped up with the ‘Just Married’ sign.

41. The Reception

This shot can be taken before the guests arrive to capture every detail. Aerial wedding photography comes in handy here, mostly using a drone.

Or, you can take some photos of the guests dancing & having fun. It will make the album even more lively. A nice wedding reception pic or two will make a lovely addition to the album to immortalize every detail. 

42. On the Stairs

Think of the bride with her back to the camera, while her veil flows down the stairs behind her. You can come up with more ideas for such unique wedding photos. You can also use staircases to enhance visibility in group shots effortlessly. 

43. The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Here you have the entire bridal party in one shot. The larger the group, the more unusual wedding pictures you can come up with. From the bridesmaids admiring the ring to the group looking away as the newlyweds kiss – possibilities are endless. 

44. Father-Daughter Moments

After the first dance, the groom hands the bride to her father for the father & daughter dance. This is a must-have wedding photo. Expect some emotional moments here; it’s never easy for fathers to let go of their daughters. 

45. Cake Cutting

The cake session is, well, never that serious. Here you can come up with a bunch of fun wedding photo ideas. Catch the funny, goofy, and even silly moments. Aim for some close-up shots of cutting, biting, or serving moments. Some couples even smash cake on each other’s faces, so make sure to protect your camera and other gear! 

46. Garter Removal

Some conservative couples may shy away from this one, but the liberal ones could have it on their wedding photo checklist. You’re in for some wild snaps as the groom reaches under the bride’s dress for the garter. Some even use their teeth!

47. Using Sparklers

Sparklers are a fantastic way to end the wedding. The guests lift them as the newlyweds make their exit. This wedding party pic is best taken without the camera flash so the sparkler lights can stand out.

48. The Whole Crew

wedding photo ideas - bride & groom with the whole crew
Source: WeddingWire

Gather together, everyone! Here’s another wedding photo opportunity for the whole team. You can never have too many of these. Consider a stair shot if you’re dealing with a large group. 

49. The Last Wedding Kiss

Snap the newlyweds kissing under the sparklers as they exit. Or on the getaway car. Or under the moonlight. The wedding shot ideas here are endless. 

50. Last Dance

bride and groom last dance
Source: Magnificent Moments Weddings

As the night comes to a close, the couple will have their last dance as the remaining guests pool around them. Some even prefer a private last dance after everyone has left the party. 


This list is by no means comprehensive but consists of some of the most popular wedding shots to get. The wedding photo ideas can be customized depending on the particulars of the wedding.

Most importantly, keep researching. Wedding photography is evolving every day. Keep yourself updated so you can always come up with fresh ideas.

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