Long gone are the days of bland and boring wedding photo poses. There’s a new trend in town that’s taking the world of wedding photography by storm. We know you want to get fabulous shots for your wedding photo album. Think outside the box and use wedding photo props to make your pics stand out. We’re sure you’ll make a friend or two totally jealous of your big day’s snaps. 

Unleash your creativity with fun and unique tailor-made decor. You’ll get the most memorable images from your wedding ceremony and reception. Remember to include these accessories in your pre-wedding and engagement photographs as well. Take amazing shots to share with your family. Here are the hottest wedding photo props to add to your wedding photography checklist. 

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wedding photo props - rustic instagram props

Rustic Instagram Props

A wedding photo booth is a great idea to up your wedding pics game. Make the most out of it by adding a set of rustic photo props to your wedding reception supply. You’ll get fantastic wedding snaps that all your guests will want to share.

Giant Polaroid Sign

Giant Polaroid Sign

A simple way to make your wedding pics look unique is by using a giant polaroid style sign. These wedding photo props are getting very popular. Customize them with the names of the groom and bride. You can also add the date or a meaningful romantic quote.

wedding photo props- just married banner

Just Married Banner

The king of photography props is the classic just married banner. This photo booth sign is essential at any wedding reception. It will look great no matter where you hang it. This wedding photo props will make your big day’s snaps look extra cute.

letter ballons

Letter Balloons Gold, Rose

A growing trend in photography props is the use of metallic letter-shaped balloons. You can get them in a bunch of different colors, including silver and gold. For creative wedding pics, blow up your initials or spell out unique phrases.

confetti mix - wedding photo props

Custom Confetti Mix

One of the most popular wedding photography props is a personalized confetti mix: they are always so much fun! This sparkling crowd-pleaser allows you to take dynamic shots full of joy. Make sure you get an extra package in case something goes wrong on the first try.

Heart Shape Sunglasses

Heart Shape Sunglasses

At your wedding party, love is in the air, and it shows. Get a bunch of heart-shaped sunglasses to use as wedding photo booth props. Your guests will love these fun accessories so much they’ll want to take them home!

Wedding photo props - 1980s Party Photo Booth Props

1980s Party Photo Booth Props

These wedding photo booth props are an inexpensive way to bring your favorite decade back on your big day. They’re very practical and versatile. Perfect for a last-minute photoshoot idea. Just download them and print however many you need.

Rustic Wood Signs

Rustic Wood Signs

If you’re going for a country wedding, a rustic sign is a perfect love prop for the occasion. Hang it on the wall or keep it handy for your guests. This personalized wooden banner will give your photos a cozy and warm vibe.

wedding photo props - Big Face Cutout

Big Face Cutout

Ready to look like a bobblehead? These funny oversized cutouts are great for unique wedding shots. Have them tailor-made using the groom’s head, the bride, close family members, and friends. These printable photo props will definitely make any picture hilarious!

smoke bombs

Smoke Bombs

Get vivid and joyful pictures of your pre-wedding party. Use colorful smoke bombs and give your images a creative twist. These wedding photography props are rather inexpensive yet beautiful. They will undoubtedly turn an average photoshoot into a memorable one.

Custom Hashtag Sign

Custom Hashtag Sign

If your wedding is not on social media, did it even happen? Get Insta-ready with a custom hashtag sign. This cute photo prop will be a huge success at your wedding reception. Use it on your photo boot or as wedding decoration on your welcome table.

wedding photo props - balloons


Never underestimate a classic. Balloons are highly versatile for wedding photography props ideas. The key is using them creatively. Try mix-matching them with confetti and decorative strings. Arrange them into cute shapes and use different sizes to achieve unusual compositions.

Pet Face on a Large Popsicle

Pet Face on a Large Popsicle

You can do whatever you want at your wedding, except for bringing your cat along. However, you can bring your fur baby in spirit with some silly photo props. Take a funny picture of your pet and make a personalized printable photo booth prop you and your guest can pose with.

chalkboard - wedding photo props


Let your guests immortalize their good wishes on your wedding pics. Use chalkboards as wedding photo props to get customizable shots with love messages from your loved ones. This idea will give you a ton of exceptional images to treasure. Chalkboards also make cute and inexpensive photo booth signs.

photo frame

Photo Frame

A good photo frame prop will make your wedding a lot more photogenic. If you don’t want your pictures to look generic, using custom photo booth props is the way to go. A rustic wooden sign with the newlywed’s initials is a great idea for a sophisticated look.

white origami floral

White Origami Floral

If you want wedding photo props that double as decoration, search no more. Origami backdrops are an excellent way to up your game and get astonishing results. You can hang origami cranes at doorways and walls, or use them to glam up your photo booth.

wedding photo props - sparklers
Celebration Marriage Fireworks


Ignite the love by using heart-shaped sparklers. These popular photo props are among the favorites for wedding pics. You can use them to draw shapes and letters with long exposure photography. Get stunning results to treasure forever by lighting them against a dark background.

flower crowns

Dried Flower Crown

If you’re doing the photoshoot in a garden or somewhere with background trees, consider using floral accessories. A dried flower crown will make all the girls at the bridal party look delicate and graceful. These classic wedding photo props come in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

wedding photo booth props - eye mask

Eye Mask

If you want authenticity, give your wedding pictures a touch of mystery and intrigue. Eye masks are an exquisite accessory that will undoubtedly add something new to each image. Add some Venetian carnival vibes with this classic photography prop.

Let's Party Headbands

Let’s Party Headbands

Getting accessories for your reception has never been easier. If you’re going for a party-in-the-city wedding reception theme, there’s plenty of options for you. “Let’s Party” headbands are creative photography props that will make you and your guest look great in every picture.

Champagne Balloon Garland Kit

Champagne Balloon Garland Kit

Time for a toast! Celebrate your big day in style with the best wedding photo booth decorations. Get a balloon garland kit and use it as a backdrop for your wedding reception photos. You can also get some matching printable props for the guests to have more fun.

Last Name Wood Sign - wedding receptions supplies

Last Name Wood Sign

It’s time to show off your new last name with a gorgeous wood sign; it doesn’t matter if he took yours or if you took his. Use it as a photo prop at your wedding. You may also hang it at your new home later on.

Neon Signs

Neon Signs

If you want to get an 80s look in your pics, create your beautiful neon signs. These custom photo props are ideal for an indoor wedding reception. The only thing that will glow brighter is the newlywed’s smile as they capture their wedding snaps.

wedding photo props - Love Parasol Red Heart Shaped Girls Umbrella

Love Parasol Red Heart Shaped Girls Umbrella

Make the best out of a rainy or scorching hot day. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, look for picture-perfect alternatives. Parasols and umbrellas are the best photo booth props for spring and summertime. Take some lovely shots using the weather in your favor.

photo booth wedding - Ampersand Wooden Cutout

Ampersand Wooden Cutout

Make your own unique signs to place on tabletops or hang on the venue’s walls. Decorate the photo-op corners at your wedding reception with rustic wooden cutouts. These beautiful party photo props come in various shades to match your wedding style.

Star War Mask

Star War Mask

Your love is out of this world; maybe even from a galaxy miles away. If you’re a redbone Star Wars fan, don’t be afraid to show it. Personalize your wedding snaps by using photo booth costumes. Wear iconic masks and capes from this cult masterpiece and snap away.

wedding photo props - crown


As groom and bride, you’re the center of attention. We could say you’re king and queen for a day. Make a statement in your wedding photographs. Dare to look like royalty by using crowns and tiaras as wedding photo props.

Paper Peonies

Paper Peonies

Decorate your wedding photo booth with paper peonies. Create your own floral arrangements or simply add them to the walls and tables. These beautiful portrait props come in a lot of different colors and sizes. Use them to personalize your wedding shots.

Disney Theme - wedding photography props

Disney Theme – Minnie Mouse Groom Mickey Mouse Ear Hats

Make your inner child happy with a Disney photo booth theme party. Use some funny props from the happiest place on earth. Your wedding pictures will come up looking cute and funny. Create magic memories for a lifetime. Get some wedding photo props of your favorite characters.

Vintage Car

Vintage Car

For some old-school outdoor shots, try using a classic car as a wedding photo prop. A vintage vehicle is exceptionally photogenic. It will help give a unique look to your pre-wedding party photos. Using a car allows you to explore different styles, angles, and wedding photo poses.

Bicycle - wedding photo props


Your wedding pics should reflect your personality. If you’re taking some outdoor shots, you can give them a quirky style. Take some photographs riding a beautiful vintage bicycle into your pre-wedding party. If you and your soulmates are cyclists, consider using mountain or touring bikes as wedding photo props.

boat - photo props for wedding


If you’re planning a unique pre-wedding party, throw it on a boat! Sailing towards the sunset is always romantic, and also an excellent outside photo opportunity. You don’t need too many wedding photo props for this choice. The lake scenery is more than enough to make your pics look gorgeous.

Now you know the best wedding photo props to create unforgettable images. A pro tip is to select your favorites and mix them up to achieve unique results. Compare all of them and stick to the ones that match your wedding style the most. Remember to make sure that each accessory you pick follows your preferred aesthetic and color palette. This way, you’ll have more unity across all of your wedding day photographs.

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