There are a lot of questions that a wedding photographer should be asking their clients to ensure a successful wedding photoshoot. This article is meant to help establish wedding photographer questions for clients and gather essential information about their expectations of the experience.

The wedding photography questionnaire can be sent to the bride and the groom in advance so that all the important things related to wedding photography are covered for their big day. 

Free Printable Wedding Photography Questionaire Templates

When creating your wedding photography questionnaire template, include both a simple and an extended version to help ensure that you have all of the essential questions answered to best prepare you and your team for the wedding photoshoot.

While you can easily create your own based on others’ templates by searching on Etsy or Pinterest for inspiration, you can also save yourself some time and a headache by purchasing a premade wedding photography questionnaire that you can easily edit with your branding and personalized questions. You can easily email this client questionnaire or add it to your website for clients to download and send back to you. 

1. Simple Wedding Photography Questionaire Template

2. Extended Wedding Photography Questionaire Template

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Questions to Ask Bride and Groom

There are a lot of questions that the wedding photographer should be asking the bride and groom about their expectations, traditions, and preferences on their wedding photography questionnaire for their big day that extends beyond their basic contact information. Each couple and each wedding celebration is different and, you as the photographer, should take their background, wedding traditions, and any venue restrictions or benefits into consideration when planning their wedding photo shoot.

While the wedding photography questionnaire can seem long and tedious to most, it will ensure that you and your team will be fully prepared to capture every meaningful moment of their special celebration.  

Here is  the list of questions that you should include your wedding photography questionnaire: 

  1. Groom’s name, email and  phone number(for same-sex weddings, name of first bride).
  2. Bride’s name, email and  phone number  (for same-sex weddings, name of second groom).
  3. Wedding date
  4. Are there any specific rules to be aware of for your ceremony?
  5.  When and where will Bridal Preparation take place?
  6. When and where will Groom Preparation take place?
  7. Do you plan on doing a first look? If yes, Could you tell us know where and when it will happen
  8. Where will your ceremony take place?
  9. When will your ceremony start? 
  10. What type of ceremony do you want? ( indoor or outdoor..)
  11. When should we take family portraits- before or immediately after the ceremony?
  12. Where will your reception take place? if different? (include address)
  13. How long does it take from ceremony to reception?( If in a different location?
  14. When will the reception star?
  15. Will you be having a cocktail hour? If so, when?
  16. Do you have a wedding hashtag
  17. Are there any “must-have” shots you would like to have?
  18. What is the theme or main color of your wedding?
  19. Are you planning how many guests in your wedding?
  20. Are there any wedding photo booths in your wedding?
  21.  What are the parents of the groom’ names? What is their relationship status?
  22. What are the parents of the groom’ names? What is their relationship status?
  23. How many photos do you wish to have with siblings, close relatives, family group?
  24. Are there any specific circumstances that shouldn’t be mentioned? (divorces, deaths, dramas, etc)
  25. Will you have a sit-down dinner, family style, appetizers, or only desserts
  26. Would you like to share any extra information for the  photographer?


Having the couple complete the wedding photography questionnaire well in advance of their big day will ensure that you have all the information you need to capture those once in a lifetime shots. From the preparation, to walking down the aisle, to the last dance, this questionnaire will help you to capture every meaningful moment.

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