A lot of decisions go into planning a wedding. Your choice of wedding photography styles is probably the most crucial decision you’ll make. The wedding photos outlast everything else, making the wedding photoshoot one of the essential segments of the wedding. Don’t just settle for the popular photo styles—research on the types of wedding photography well in advance. Narrow down the wedding photo styles that appeal to you and let your photographer help you pick the best fit.

As a photographer, go out of your way to provide a memorable experience for the happy couples. With these wedding photography tips, every photo shoot will be a wonderful encounter. 

12. Traditional Wedding Photography

wedding photography:Traditional wedding style
Image via Michelles Photos2010

Fancy the good old classic photo album? Then traditional wedding photography could be just the thing for you. Here you need the photographer to capture the key moments of the ceremony. Walking down the aisle, the first kiss, cutting the cake, the first dance as husband and wife, and so on.

Apart from the newlyweds, the photos should also capture the family, friends, and other guests. For this wedding photo style, the photographer usually guides the wedding party in posing for the photos. 

11. Photojournalistic

styles of photography: Photojournalistic wedding photography
Image via Graeme Cameron

This style of wedding photography focuses on the actual emotions of the day. No posing is involved here. In fact, the guests should be oblivious of the photographer. They should be focusing on the events of the day. With this photography style, the wedding is viewed as a feature or a news story.

The photographer must be highly skilled and experienced to be able to aim fast, set the camera, and shoot all at an instance. The goal here is to capture spur-of-the-moment photos of exciting items, actions, and moments that symbolize the true spirit of the occasion. Going through the images later is like browsing a romantic documentary. 

10.  Illustrative

Illustrative Wedding Photography
Image via Mariabowman

 This wedding photography style combines the two techniques covered above: photojournalistic and traditional photography. It captures the raw emotions of the newlyweds with an artistic touch. The photos are taken spontaneously while still paying attention to the background, composition, and lighting.

For this wedding photography technique, the photographer must be well-versed in landscape photography, wide-angle lens techniques, and possibly aerial photography

9. Dark and Moody

wedding photography style: Dark and Moody wedding photography

This one is among the wedding photography styles for couples who like to try out ideas that are out of the ordinary. Here the photographer adjusts the lighting to create dramatic, dark, and moody photos. Dark shooting and dark editing are used in this photo style, utilizing shadows and harsh lines to come up with unique lighting patterns. 

8. Natural Wedding Photography

Natural wedding photography
Image via Bert Pohl

Are you considering outdoor wedding pictures? This is one of those photography styles that are perfect for you. Here you utilize natural lighting as opposed to the camera flash or other artificial light sources. Outdoor photography is ideal for any time of the day unless the sun is so harsh that it causes unwanted shadows on people’s faces. With a wide-aperture lens and the correct white balance setting, the sunlight illuminates the photos with a beautiful natural glow. 

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7. Aerial Wedding Photography

Aerial wedding photography

Aerial wedding photo style is currently trending and is seemingly here to stay. The overhead angle captures unique photos that showcase beautiful outdoor wedding locations and sceneries. You can also have aerial photography style indoors.

The photographer scouts for angles that deliver exceptional shots of the deco and sitting arrangement. Keep in mind that this is one of those contemporary wedding photography styles that need specialized professional equipment. The photographer must have a drone equipped with a decent HD camera. 

6.  Landscape

style of photography:Landscape wedding photography
Image via Carlos Montesdeoca

Landscape photography is a popular idea for unique outdoor wedding pics. Have you been browsing through the different photography styles looking for something outstanding? Landscape wedding photography could be your best bet.

Imagine your wedding photos against the backdrop of a scenic mountain or a beach. Once you pick the location, you can scout the area with your photographer before the wedding, looking for the highly scenic spots. Charming landscapes provide nothing short of breathtaking wedding photos. 

5. Fine Art

what is fine art wedding photography:Fine Art wedding photography
Image via Φωτογραφία Γάμου

Some types of wedding photography bring together many different concepts, and this is one of them. Wedding photos art seeks to incorporate art into photography through various pre and post-production techniques.

Here the wedding photography focuses not only on the people but also on significant items such as outfits, rings, bouquets, cake, décor, and so on. Posing is not really required here, although the photographer could slightly alter the posture of people or items to achieve the desired effect. The photographer undertakes intense preparation in composition, lighting, and framing. The images are then artistically edited for an exceptional result. 

4. Fashion

Image via Valerie Elash

Are you into high-fashion trends? This style of wedding photography should appeal to you. You’re the models for the photoshoot. You get an opportunity to pull off those poses that you see in fashion magazines, guided by your photographer.

The trick here is to practice the wedding poses in advance. You can browse wedding editorials and pick your favorite poses. The photographer sets up striking backdrops and adjusts the lighting to achieve stunning posed shots. 

3. Portrait

Portrait wedding photography
Image via unsplash.com

Wedding portraits highlight the faces of the newlyweds and the emotions therein. Some are posed, while others capture the happy couple in their crucial moments. From the blushing bride to the anxious groom, starting with the individual moments all the way to the romantic couple sessions.

You can also include close family members. Of all the wedding photography styles, wedding portraiture provides the kind of unique emotional images that you frame and display in your home. 

2. Black and White

Black-and White-wedding-photography
Image via Renita Kostadinova

This classic wedding photography never goes out of style. Some people will dismiss it instantly, but it still remains an ideal option for genuinely timeless images. Eliminating color greatly enhances the overall mood and emphasizes the couple and their emotions. It also allows the viewer to focus on the contents, increasing the visual appeal of the photos. 

1. Vintage

different photography styles:Vintage photography styles
Image via Hedwig Teeuwisse

Old-school anyone? You can have a vintage/rustic theme for your wedding, or you can simply have the photos edited with various filters for a charming retro look. Vintage wedding art is in high demand. That old and timeless look has a particular appeal, perhaps due to the memories and nostalgic feelings it evokes. Among the different styles of wedding photography, this one produces some of the most unique shots by infusing art into photography.


There you have it; the different wedding photography styles that you can explore for your wedding. Remember, all the other aspects of your wedding will come and go, but the photos will remain. Make sure that you select the type of wedding photography that will yield elegant and timeless images.

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